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Pacific High School is a California private high school that satisfies the California Education Code requirements for students to obtain a high school diploma or to take additional classes not available from your local high school. Designed for all high school students (freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors) in public and private high schools in Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County, San Diego, Riverside and all other areas of California. (Search Engine Description)
We do not offer driver training or behind the wheel classes, you will need to contact a local driving school once you take our driver education class to become a student driver. We recommend California Driver Training.
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Meets the California Education Code Requirements

Science Department:

Physical Science A
9th Grade First Semester

An introductory science course covering physical science including light, energy, electricity, sound, pressure. Our students learn basic scientific methods. The students writing skills are reinforced throughout the course. Students learn how to observe, gather and record data and form conclusions.

Physical Science B
9th Grade Second Semester

This general science course covers topis such as our atmosphere and weather: space, oceans, rocks, minerals, fossils, mountains, weathering, and erosion. The principles of physical science are explored in relationship to real life applications.

Biology A
10th Grade First Semester

The student learns of the diversity of living things, biological systems and the interaction of animals, flowers, plants. The students writing skills are reinforced throughout the course. Lab lessons are on videotape.

Biology B
10th Grade Second Semester

Students learn how energy is used by life forms, how plants and animals interact, the importance of biomes, cycles, and designs used in nature. Lab lessons are on videotape.


Environmental Science A
11th Grade First Semester

This course expands upon how organisms interact with their environment and with other organisms and how they continually adapt to fit their environmental niche.

Environmental Science B
11th Grade Second Semester

The students learn about how human actions effect the environment, and the consequences of population growth.