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Pacific High School is a California private high school that satisfies the California Education Code requirements for students to obtain a high school diploma or to take additional classes not available from your local high school. Designed for all high school students (freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors) in public and private high schools in Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County, San Diego, Riverside and all other areas of California. (Search Engine Description)
We do not offer driver training or behind the wheel classes, you will need to contact a local driving school once you take our driver education class to become a student driver. We recommend California Driver Training.
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Meets the California Education Code Requirements

Summary of Graduation Requirements

1. You must complete a minimum of 220 units to graduate.

2. You must complete the following required courses:

  • English 40 units
  • Mathematics 20 units
  • World History 10 units
  • U. S. History 10 units
  • Economics 10 units
  • Political Science 10 units
  • American Government 10 units
  • Life Science 10 units
  • Physical Science 10 units
  • Driver Education & Health 5 units
  • Remaining units to be chosen from electives
  • Classes from other schools may count towards the total units.

3. You must receive a passing grade in each class and have an overall 2.00 grade point average.

Tuition Requirements

Tuition is $15.00 per unit. (your deposit applies towards your first semester.)

The tuition must be paid at the time you apply and will not be returned.

There is a $20 service charge for each check returned by your bank.

No report cards or transcripts will be mailed until your tuition has been paid in full.

Miscellaneous Requirements

Students must score 70% or better to pass the exams.

The exams must be supervised and signed by a parent or guardian over the age of 25.

Classes must be completed within six months of date original class materials are postmarked.

Privacy Statement: No information regarding our students will be released to any third party except as required by statute or court order.

Due to the changing nature of laws regarding the collection of personal information from minors via the Internet, we do not accept electronic registrations. All student enrollment information must be submitted by mail or FAX.