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Pacific High School is a California private high school that satisfies the California Education Code requirements for students to obtain a high school diploma or to take additional classes not available from your local high school. Designed for all high school students (freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors) in public and private high schools in Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County, San Diego, Riverside and all other areas of California. (Search Engine Description)
We do not offer driver training or behind the wheel classes, you will need to contact a local driving school once you take our driver education class to become a student driver. We recommend California Driver Training.
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Meets the California Education Code Requirements

Drivers Education
(2.5 units)

Driver Education emphasizes the rules and negotiation of the vehicle code and introduces the student to the licensing process. We recommend this course be taken at the same time as Health A.

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Health A (2.5 units)

We separate the health requirement into two classes. The major area covered in Health A is substance abuse.

Health B (2.5 units)

The major areas covered in Health B is human reproduction and sexually transmitted diseases. It also covers first aid, safety and other communicable diseases.


The class introduces fundamental sociological principles and tools that will help students to better understand their own lives and the world they live in.

Consumer Education

This course teaches personal financial management and decision making. Students learn the basics of investing, insurance, researching trends and how to begin and operate a small business.

Economic Decision Making

This is designed to teach our students the skills necessary to improve consumer economic decisions and learn the basics of consumer rights and responsibilities.
The consumer's role in our economic, social and government systems is reviewed and how each consumer can influence these systems.

General Work Experience

This course gives credit for actual work performed. The student must also be enrolled in an academic course.

Ethnic Studies

The student studies various ethnic groups from the perspective of cultural contributions in both Literature and the Arts, learning about different customs, traditions and famous people.